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Australian KIIS FM show Kyle & Jackie O brought on another hot young couple, Bonnie and Simon, that were looking for love and willing to strip off.Bonnie was unhappy that Simon had short hair, so promised she would ‘get the boobies out’ if he was willing to stick on a wig.The TV show crew obviously get o see all the "naughty bits".And I guess the show's casts are too some degree exhibitionists.

High quality large photos of Russian beautiful nude and Ukrainian semi-nude girls, pretty women naked or semi-naked.When asked what she thought of Simon’s penis, Bonnie replied: ‘Do I be honest?You must be a grower not a shower.’ Bonnie ended up rejecting a date with Simon, and he wasn’t a happy bunny.As explained by a redditor who is “half-Dutch,” the female contestant apparently lived with the two men on an island and, by the end of the episode, had to decide which one she wanted to date.“Guy on the left was a nice guy who had a good job,” macnicool wrote.

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