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To this day maintaining these high standards remains our focus.Schwarzacher Hof Set in the holiday resort of Schwarzach on the southern hills of the Bavarian Forest, this historic hotel offers easy access to the local hiking trails and ski routes, as well as the A3 motorway.X-ray machines were used to help identify exactly how many bodies were in the home after police came across multiple body parts in the bloody crime scene.'The crime scene is very difficult right now, it's quite messy,' Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said. It takes time.'Blodgett said police were alerted to the incident after a woman ran from the home and flagged down a driver who brought her to authorities. They said the home was known to authorities.'There's been activity here before which necessitated the police department's response,' Blodgett said.Police are still looking for the suspects and believe at least two people are responsible.After an active day , help yourself to the restaurant's hearty Bavarian cuisine, or enjoy the beer lounge with its historic vaulted ceiling.The Schwarzacher Hof and the community of Bogen are just a 15-minute drive from the property.Dating from 1580, the carefully renovated Hotel Schwarzacher Hof boasts spacious rooms and original elements of décor from the 16th century. The hotel's location in the Bavarian Forest is ideal for winter sports and hiking.The nearby motorway will quickly carry you to Regensburg, Passau and Landshut.

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Right opposite across the tree shaded lawns is the Greenb Bank Pool.

Two people have been found dead in a Massachusetts home, in a crime scene so grisly police had to use x-ray equipment to work out how many bodies were inside.

Police say the bodies of a man and woman were uncovered in the home at Peabody, north of Boston, late on Saturday night.

Street actually has two public Pools the other being indoor and used throughout the year. Strode Theatre has recently added a second smaller Studio Theatre between them they show everything from live transmissions from Covent Garden to both current and specialist films, live stage shows and concerts.

From this point begins the High Street proper; a long straight succession of what locals call ‘proper shops’.

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