Menopause and dating

Not having a sexual partner may be the most basic of sexual challenges, but it’s one that’s pretty common for women at midlife and beyond.

For instance, among Americans age 65 or above, there are only 7 men for every 10 women.

High divorce rates in recent decades have also raised the chances that women (and men, for that matter) will be unattached at midlife and beyond.

The lack of a partner is also more likely with advancing age even for women whose sexual partners are other women, since the death or disability of a partner becomes an ever greater possibility as we age regardless of the partner’s gender.

So, how does a single woman living in New York City accomplish this?

The author turned to her computer, the only thing she’d had a true relationship with in the past decade and signed up for every online dating service she could find.

Whether you're postmenopausal, in the thick of it or just curious about what changes may be in store for you down the road, chances are you've wondered what "the change" may mean for your sex life. Truth #1: Your Vagina Is Going to Shrivel Up Like a Prune While the vagina does go through some changes during menopause due to loss of estrogen, much of the changes that happen are undetectable to the eye.

In other words, there's no such thing as "shriveling," and you most certainly won't look like a prune.

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With passionate wit, Churchill examines how she got to middle age alone and where she’s going.

Others may feel self-conscious about being naked with someone new.

Still others may be plagued by guilt about “betraying” the memory of a longtime partner by being sexual with a new partner. Of course, just having a partner is no guarantee of a fulfilling—or even an active—sex life.

"In fact, today's modern, sensual, water-based lubricants can actually enhance sex in addition to making it more comfortable.

For example, Play More Lubricant provides women with a smooth, slick feeling that is not sticky and feels natural." Truth #3: Your Body Image May Decline.

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