Interactive data entry and updating

Scott Mitchell 4Guys From December 2004 Summary: Scott Mitchell demonstrates one method of dynamically generating ASP. NET Building a Dynamic Data Entry User Interface Engine Conclusion When creating a data-driven Web site, one of the most common tasks Web developers are faced with is creating data entry forms.

NET data entry forms based on the data you're editing. Data entry forms are Web pages that provide the system's users with a means to input data.

When the data entry form requirements are well-known in advance, and when such data entry forms are identical across all users for the system, creating such entry forms is hardly challenging.

The task becomes more arduous, however, if the data entry forms need to be dynamic.

Amount of Historical Data Available: For historical data downloaded from Interactive Brokers directly and not the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service, Interactive Brokers provides 1 year of Historical Daily and 1 year of historical Intraday data.

This is especially true with regard to text-based form fields, represented by ).

These kinds of widgets are quite familiar to users of web browsers, which have analogous form entry elements.

PDFx Stream could be used for this extraction task; here’s what it would "see" when presented with the 1040 form: Notice that each form field has a name – for example, the city/town/state/zip field has the name .

Each field’s name is unique within the form, making it very easy to access only particular form field elements and values.

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