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Ron Hubbard, said all opposition came from what he called "Suppressive Persons" (SPs)— which scientologists claim are "anti-social people who want to destroy anything that benefits humanity." In written policies dating from the mid-1950s, Hubbard told his followers to take a hard line against perceived opponents.

If you make money in America some of it needs to remain here.

Likewise I give to help others but not across the board to enable those that refuse to rise from their garbage pits on their own. all it means is that the poor will pay more, and the rich, less. ironic how the rich will now pay the LOWEST percentage of income, on average. Why don't we just make it illegal for US Citizens to escape taxes by forming Foreign Corporations?

I've been out of the loop for a while, but you used to be able to buy a Diplomatic Passport in Belize for 75 or a hundred grand.

Hire them and damn the cost when you need to." In 1965 Hubbard formulated the "Fair Game Law", which states how to deal with people who interfere with Scientology's activities.

These suppressive persons could be considered "fair game" for retaliation: In other words, a person who attacked the Church would not be protected by the Church or granted the rights of Scientologists in good standing.

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