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These real time SMS updates have already proved to be popular amongst our customers, which benefits them and means they do not have to wait around for an engineer to turn up.

This simple yet effective method confirms the name of the engineer, the eta of arrival, the type of repair and the exact location.

RRRR = production number CZECH REPUBLIC: B= Bohêmia Musico-Delicia KOREA: I= Saein, U=Unsung, S=Samick, P or R=Peerless CHINA: DW=Dea Won, EA=Gibson/Qing Dao (Acoustic guitar), EE=Gibson/Qing Dao (Electric guitar), MC=Muse, SJ=Sae Jung, Z=Zaozhuang Saehan, BW=China UC=Unsung China MR = Mirr factory JAPAN: No letter or F=Fuji Gen, J or T=Terada INDONESIA: SI=Samick (Bogor factory) This newest serial number system used by Epiphone is not yet completely deciphered.' F' doesn't refer to ' Fine, Korea' - nor to ' Fuji-gen, Japan' - New "F" models are made in China.

This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all.

Inside the case was a label-less, serial number-less semi-hollow electric guitar with Epiphone on the headstock, just like my friend had described.

You can figure it out by yourself (when and where your guitars were made). Anyway, I'll be glad to help those who can't "read" their serial numbers properly, but it might take time to reply. (Cari, Epiphone Les Paul Custom Facebook Group administrator. YYMMFF12345 YY year MM month FF factory-code12345 production# FACTORY NUMBER CODES -- for some models starting in 2008, if serial # begins w/numbers[NOTE: The factories identified by these codes are based on patterns which forum members have observed.

Epiphone stamps each guitar with a serial number, however, which when deciphered can tell a guitarist all he needs to know about the guitar.

As part of Hydraquip’s Job Manager Service, customers can benefit from receiving live job alerts directly to their mobile with SMS updates on 100% of service jobs.

He’d taken in a guitar on trade-a semi-hollow electric Epiphone was as much as he could tell me-and he needed help figuring out exactly what it was.

Always up for a good guitar mystery, I eagerly accepted his request for help, and as I waited for the guitar to arrive, I began to speculate on what it might be.

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